This is a copy of the original hidden wiki database. (2022 update)

Visit and download Tor Browser, it's the only browser to work with the links you will find bellow. cannot be held responsable for the content listed on this sites.

Everything You Wanted to Know About The Hidden Wiki

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The moniker "Hidden Wiki" refers to a network of wikis that are resistant to censorship and are accessible only to registered users of Tor's hidden services. In addition to providing access to other .onion sites, the home page also acts as a resource directory.

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What exactly is the Hidden Wiki?

Using the Tor Browser is the only way to access the Hidden Wiki's onion webpages.

Anonymity and security are top priorities, and our platform upholds that tenet.

The dark web and internet privacy cannot be discussed without including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are vital to the growth of secret transactions in any discussion (on the dark web and the terrestrial Internet)..

As far as Wikis go, there are several options.

There are well-known and less-known websites to choose from (provided you know their exact web addresses).

For example, some Hidden Wiki websites include legal material, such as downloadable books or lawful photographs. Some individuals believe that "if you're searching for anything illegal, it's better not to ask for it on the public web since that's where police investigations begin."

People from all walks of life are welcome on the underground website. Without fear of the authorities, anybody wishing to acquire or sell illicit goods may establish contact with one other there.

To avoid being taken down, many listings are only up for a short period.

"So many people are interested in these websites – but most don't want to spend the effort," the proprietor of Hidden Wiki told reporters. In the beginning, the site was only a pastime, but it has now grown into "one of the largest search engines for covert Tor connections."

It's difficult to estimate how many visits it receives since they're accessing it using Tor, which makes tracking traffic impossible. Search phrases like "Tor hidden service" and "Silk Road 2.0" are becoming more popular, according to various Google data.

What will you find on the Hidden Wiki?

You will find a bunch of how-tos and guides. A list of free proxies. Keep in mind that some of them may be banned, so you should always have a few different ones to use.

You can get cracks, warez, and other things.

There are sites with databases that have been leaked, such as the nudes of celebrities. There are links to all sorts of hacking guides.

Sites for hackers who want to get the word out about their site/HACK! (They ask for money or invite you to talk about the hack on their IRC channel).

Organized crime forums, but only the ones where people still use ICQ, AIM, etc. to talk.

Places where stolen credit cards, numbers, etc. can be traded. Links to many different "uploads," which are usually warez or porn Sites with a bunch of really weird stuff on them. Random sites that will take you somewhere else if you try to type them in directly. A list of bad websites, like "You've been hacked!" and others like it:

There are other wikis, like Hidden Wiki, but they don't have everything.

Links to many different times in the past.

And some more crazy random stuff.

Keep in mind that "pastas" are a type of short story that is usually written weirdly and has at least one image, so you can't find them by Googling the text in the URL, etc.

Some quick guides on how to set up the Tor browser, proxy chains, and other things. A list of websites where you can use bitcoins to buy things and a whole bunch of stuff.

That sounds great, but how to go there?

How can you get access to the Hidden Wiki?

Tor Browser may be used to visit the site from any location in the globe since it is a hidden site.

By encrypting data transit, this service protects users' online identities. Users may also take advantage of extra security measures provided by the site.

One of them is the usage of captcha codes before a login attempt can be made, which is a security measure.

Additionally to that, each page has an IP check to see whether you're using a VPN or proxy server or if your ISP is watching your DNS queries.

To further enhance security, Google Authenticator and a Bitcoin tumbler are also available for use.

The first Hidden Wiki was shut down in December 2013 amid reports that it had connections to child pornography, and a new Hidden Wiki was created by an unknown group of developers.

Like the currently hidden wiki, this site was uncensored and decentralized; users could simply propose new sites using "TorLinks" (short for "Tor Link").

Each page's content is now housed on every machine that views the site thanks to a new platform called ZeroNet in the most recent edition.

For a variety of reasons, administrators choose to use this platform instead of others.

All material may be viewed without requiring any other websites, making the surfing experience much quicker.

In addition, because every page is stored on a peer-to-peer network, a back-end is unnecessary.

As a result, authorities will have a difficult time removing the website from the internet.

Tor Browser may be used to browse hidden wiki pages of certain categories, such as books.

Please follow the guidelines if you would want to contribute your material anonymously and without having your IP address kept (whether it be an onion link or an article).

Getting the hang of it is easy, but figuring out how it works is a little more challenging.

Let the Hidden Wiki take care of everything for you if you don't want to become involved in the process yourself.

In contrast to other online encyclopedias, the presently concealed Wiki has no filtering whatsoever.

If you have Tor installed, you may post whatever you want, even if it involves criminal actions like obtaining illicit narcotics or weapons on the Dark Web.

While this might be exciting for the media, it also implies that people may stumble across links leading them to child pornography or other immoral content without having any interest in searching for it themselves.

The Hidden Wiki provides a comprehensive FAQ on how to avoid being hacked, and it's well worth a look if you want to stay secure.

If you want to maintain your anonymity when online, all you have to do is download and use Tor as your primary browser.

In Tor Browser, make sure that JavaScript is deactivated, since this browser may enable certain scripts to execute without the user's permission before doing so.

However, it is important to know that certain plugins are not compatible with Tor at all.

This implies that if they ask for external access when using this browser, they may be able to get your IP address (e.g., Flash).

Is it illegal to access the Hidden Wiki?

Is Hidden Wiki a violation of the law? Many nations allow access to Hidden Wiki. Illegal work on the Hidden Wiki, however, is prohibited.

Can the Hidden Wiki be trusted?

As a bonus, since it's uncensored, The Hidden Wiki includes links to both legal and illicit websites. There is a chance that some of the links given may not work or be safe. Even legal websites might be included in the same category as those that are used by pedophiles and money launderers.

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The website has surfaced on deep web in 2007 and it is a collection of many links. All this .onion links were gathered by the community as registered users were able to edit the website and thus contribute to it's vast and interesting content. It was the first and probably the last genuine source of content on the hidden tor network laid out in this unique way. Few years back arround 2011 world heard about The Hidden Wiki as many media channels covered a story about a deepweb marketplace called The Silk Road which hosted many vendors selling a vast array of products from drugs to guns etc. That was the beggining of the end for that marketplace as that journalistic story made it so famous that law inforcement became interested and eventually took it down in what remains the largest tor online marketplace takedown. Hidden Wiki survived even though it's domain was hacked and seized by law enforcement in 2013 when they brought down the largest onion hosting service called Freedom Hosting, it's estimated that almost half of tor websites were hosted there at the time.

http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion is the last known onion address of the official hidden wiki.

Deepweb by nature is a savage world so if some of the links are not loading it means either the website is temporarily offline or it's dead. We are allways checking and updating the link list.
All the links you will find on this website have been verified to belong to the real onion websites they represent.

The onion world cannot be seen through the ,,eyes'' of a regular browser. Tor was created with a single goal in mind and that was to protect your privacy when browsing the internet. You may be a journalist in a country which censors various things, maybe you wanna buy a fake passport, hire a hitman or you simply wanna watch porn and you don't want your internet provider to see that activity, it prevents anyone watching your connection and knowing what website you are visiting. Simply put it's a tool to make the user anonymous.
Some recommend using tor in combination with a VPN and you can find more technical details on that topic here :

There are two ways you can do that. First one is by using a Bitcoin ATM, google to see if there's one near your location or you can use and search by address directly. If there is one close by, all you need is to install a bitcoin wallet on your smarphone (Electrum, Mycelium, BRD wallet, Edge wallet, GreenBits, BitPay etc) and scan your wallet's QR code at the bitcoin ATM so it knows where to send the coins.
The second way to get your hands on some bitcoins is by using a online exchange and here are some good ones :,,,,,,, You can also purchase them instantly via Cash App.

One of the most important points one exchange must complete in order to be recommended is ,,reputation''. See if the exchange has ever been hacked and if yes how did they handle the situation, did they just state ,,it is what it is'' or did they recover or refund the money? There are many reviews websites out there, you can also use Rredit or the social media to see what experience other users had with a specific service.

Another critieria critical for some of the users lately is how complex is the verification process. While most of them do have KYC (know-your-customer) implemented, some do allow one to purchase, sell or trade crypto without KYC but with high trading limits meaning you could only purchase or withdraw a limited amount of money each 24 hours.

Customer support is another major factor you should consider as many things can go sideways, you might not know what your doing or there could be a market or platform error and live-support can be the only way to get out of the problem.

Here's a list of 5 best rated exchanges by customers :

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   You must be prepared to find out things are not as you herd because the deep web is a place which is often misinterpreted and others posting not real information about the deep web on the social media does NOT help, that's why please bookmark our website (hyperlink to in order to have access to good articles and well explained guides and hidden wiki links.
   9 of out 10 people will tell you the deep web is something you should not visit because the second you hit it up police will knock on your front door or your laptop will get infected with a crypto ransomware or a similar story but the reality is that the deep web is just another piece of the internet that is not indexed by the apparent world wide web or google like search engines.

   Dark web however is a totally different breed of animal. It's a small part of the normal and safe deep web but it's small part some would consider the evil hidden part of the internet. For example, the dark web is where Guns and drugs are traded, where darknet markets are born and raised and where videos or rapes or murder can be purchased, the worst stuff of the bad stuff is here. So dark web thrives on the onion network beeing 100% descentralized so no government controlls it.

   An ,,ebay'' like website that allows you to buy or sell drugs, guns, ransom software and other illegal products.